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The Next Generation Of Hockey Statistics

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Corsi and Fenwick are the new measuring sticks in hockey statistics. The days of the Plus/Minus being the end all be all on how we judge (by a statistical standards) a players time on the ice, are coming to an end. We here at TMMOTS like to do our best to keep you our readers up to date on the best way to get the hockey knowledge you need and want.  There are numerous sites out there in the vast space of the internet, and we want to do our best to help direct you to the places with the best statistical numbers. (Besides of course your daily stops here with us at TMMOTS.) With that said; a few of the writers here have come across a new stats site that may have potential. War-on-ice.com is still under construction but is open to the masses for a look around. It is being built by a statistical professor and avid hockey fan from Carnegie Mellon University along side him is a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University. They have designed a simple yet very user friendly site.

War-on-ice.com has a glossary of terms that would help anyone (this writer included) getting used to the advanced statistics that are Corsi and Fenwick. The site has a statistical breakdown of players, team, and teams “By Game”. In the “By Game” breakdown a person can choose a comparison of two teams over time and see in a graph how the teams match up statistically.

In the “Players” Breakdown a person can choose a skater, a goaltender, or something called “Hextally” an option that will allow a person on the site to choose a player and graphically show from where on the ice a player takes his shots, and where opposing players take their shots when chosen player is on the ice. For you fantasy folks out there, this is a go to site. This can give a fan an idea of what a good two-way forward or defenseman can do by just being on the ice.

In the “Teams” Breakdown a person can choose between team stats, team goals above baseline (which covers the statistical probability of the team scoring higher than the average number of goals in a season), and the “Hextally” option that is exactly like I described previously in the “Players” section, but on a grander scale. The entirety of the teams shots as well as the shots taken against a team.

From this writers perspective war-on-ice.com will soon become the go to site for people to get all the statistical data they could dream of.

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