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Brian Leetch Says Good Bye, Leaves the Department of Player Safety

The NHL Department of Player Safety is such a mess that even Brian Leetch doesn’t want to be there. You know there are problems when the NHL can’t keep this job filled. First reported by Larry Brooks a Rangers beat reporter; it seems that Leetch is leaving his post on his own terms.

For the NHL it leaves an opening in a position that most players and fans hate, the Department of Player Safety has come under fire over the past several season for being inconsistent, and favoring teams or players. Now the NHL will need to revamp the how things run in the Department of Player Safety. There is no word yet on who will take the rains there, but as

found in a Sports Illustrated report there seems to be one name floating around.

Clause Loiselle, formerly of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes that’s correct Brendan Shanahan who ran the NHL Department of Player Safety before Leetch fired Loiselle.  If you can’t stand the Maple Leafs maybe you like this idea. But, I really think the NHL needs to reduce how often the Player Safety people are used.

In all reality this is not an easy job to fill, and it seems like there are not a lot of people lining up to take a shot at running the department. I’m sure that in the coming weeks we will hear more about this, and let’s hope so after all it’s August and NHL news is hard to come by.

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