Apr 27, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; The Dallas Stars fans celebrate during game six against the Anaheim Ducks in the first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center. The Ducks defeated the Stars 5-4 and win the series 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Advanced Statistics Finding a Home in the NHL

At least one team in the NHL is finding a way to use advanced statistics. The Dallas Stars are using a computer program to measure Corsi, giveaways/takeaways, scoring chances and just about another stats you can think of.

The use of advanced stats came to light in the MLB with moneyball, but now it’s an everyday term and ever team in the NHL has found a way to use it. Stars GM Jim Nill is trying to give his team a leg up on the rest of the league by using advanced statistics to help make better decisions about what players to sign and who to keep an eye on.

Nill has been vocal about his diving into the numbers in helping make more informed decisions. In fact, he’s given two interviews this month where he went into more detail than most executives would about the role analytics play in the Stars’ decision-making process. CBS Sports

It won’t be long until the rest of the NHL jumps on board and starts getting a computer program to call their own. In today’s social media crazed world teams are trying to find an edge, but as fans knowledge grows so will the knowledge of agents and players. Maybe using advanced stats will finally put some numbers in prospective.

The revolution of analysis in sports, where anything and everything can be measured, really seems to be upon us. A look at how the Stars have been reformed under Nill in just over a year and how they’re continually evolving as a team is yet another data point in the argument for more information and analysis. It’s clear this is a franchise headed in the right direction. [CBS Sports]

If you are a Stars fan you can smile once again; not only did you grab some nice players in free agency it seems like you team’s front office is trying to be next generation and bring hockey into a new era.

Advanced statistics are becoming a smart business tool; they are clearing the way for non-hockey people to find a home within the NHL. The stats are going to change how we view players numbers. It’s not longer about +/- it’s all become how often do you turn a puck over, or how many shots on net do you have. It’s not so much about how many times the other team score while you’re on the ice. Times are changing, and so is our game.

I’m not one for all of this stat talk, but it seems like they are here to stay. As long as the on ice product improves and NHL fans get some better hockey to watch bring on any stat you need. I’m all for anything that keep NHL hockey in the conversation during summer.

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