Jan 18, 2014; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks head coach John Tortorella yells at the Calgary Flames bench after a fight broke out in the first 2 seconds of the first period at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks won 3-2 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

John Tortorella Never Went All In

As far as NHL head coaches go John Tortorella’s name will most likely come up anytime there is a need for a hard noised, hot-headed coach. But, for whatever reason he never went all in while coaching the Vancouver Canucks.

During the summer months news is hard to find, but when a story like this falls out of the sky you need to let your thoughts be known. In a report written by Harrison Mooney of Puck Daddy, it is explained that Tortorella never moved to Vancouver, and further more it would seem that he spent as little time there as possible.

Tortorella never actually lived in Vancouver. Instead, he lived in nearby Point Roberts, which is across the American border, but only about a 45-minute drive from Rogers Arena on a good day. For practice days (which were so rare the players complained) Tortorella would drive in for a brief appearance… {Puck Daddy}

First I’ll openly admit I am not from the area, but it’s hard for me to imagine not living in the same country that the team I’m coaching calls home. I can’t help but wonder if that fact helped to fuel the fire when it came to getting rid of Tortorella. It’s a fairly well know fact that his personally and the way he coaches is not a favorite with the younger players, and if the

report by Mooney is correct and Tortorella was really an absent coach than why should he ever be given another job?

John Tortorella will be offered a job again, but not until a NHL team sees a need to light a fire within the organization. Just bringing up Torts name could cases players to work harder, just so they don’t have to deal with the man.

In life and it seems in the NHL as well it’s all about the decisions a person makes, and not living in Vancouver and still calling yourself their coach is absurd. Not staying for a practice is even more of a mess, and adds that to the way the Canucks played and how Tortorella carried himself while with the Canucks it’s no wonder the man will be sitting in the stands to start this coming season.

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