Jun 27, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; A general view of the complete draft board after the completion of the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Say Good Bye To The NHL Draft

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It’s time for a major change to the way the NHL brings players into their league. It’s time to eliminate the NHL Draft, and allow the AHL to Draft the players. After all most players end up playing in a lower level for a few years, and allowing the AHL teams to make the draft picks would expand the talent in the AHL, and in turn improve the talent entering the NHL.

Yes, I know this idea is way out of left field, but there are some benefits to it. If the NHL and AHL are truly connected with a draft change NHL teams would be more likely make sure their Farm Club has the proper staffing, and make the AHL team a better gate way to the NHL.

NHL teams often forget about their little brother in the AHL, and they use the AHL like a baby sitter for players who just can’t break into the NHL lineup. Giving the Draft to the AHL

would make sure that the league s taken more seriously, and it would grow North American hockey in the smaller markets that house the AHL teams. More often than not a NHL teams first round pick is the only player to make the roster; so why is the AHL team stuck with the left over’s?

Having the AHL draft would also force the NHL to rely on the AHL team to develop the talent they choose, also don’t forget that the NHL teams often own the AHL team. It’s all one big company. If this did happen the NHL teams would need to focus on Free Agency and trade more than a spotty prospect list. Also, it could force General Managers to keep a close eye on the future salary cap numbers.

If you are looking for another idea, what if the NHL teams only made their first round pick; leaving rounds two-seven up to their AHL affiliate. I know this will never happen but a stronger AHL would make for a better NHL.

If the NHL Draft went away how would you feel? I for one would care as long as the teams I like are still putting a strong product on the ice.

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