NHL News and Links - Quick Shifts: July 22nd Edition

NHL Quick Shifts is a daily series where we gather up the latest NHL news and links from the FanSided NHL blogosphere, as well as other NHL / hockey blogs. So with that, here is today’s edition of Quick Shifts!

  • Thomas Vanek linked to federal gambling investigation – Thomas Vanek either did something he shouldn’t have, or has simply associated with the wrong crowd. Either way, he has been linked to a government investigation into an illegal gambling ring. As of now Vanek has not been formally charged with partaking in any illegal activities, the federal investigators are simply asking for his cooperation. When the Minnesota Wild took a gamble on signing Vanek, this is not what they had in mind. [TMMOTS]
  • District Detroit Media Kit – Take a look at what Detroit is planning for their new sports and entertainment complex. The city may be bankrupt, but the Red Wings could have one of the nicer arenas in the NHL within the next few years. [District Detroit]
  • Russian power couple Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirlenko call off engagement – Tennis star Maria Kirlenko announced to Russian media yesterday that she has called off the engagement between herself and Alex Ovechkin. Puck Daddy has a break down of the news, as well as the subtle hidden context within Kirlenko’s statement. [Puck Daddy]
  • NHL Zombie Apocalypse Team – Here is one that is a little out of the ordinary: a NHL All Zombie Apocalypse team. Keep in mind we are not referring to Gretzky and Lemieux bringing their careers back from the dead, but a group of players you would like to have around during a zombie apocalypse. I agree with the majority of the players on the list, especially Tim Thomas (and his underground bunker). [TMMOTS]

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