Jun 24, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Pittsburg Penguins captain Sidney Crosby poses with Ted Lindsay Award, the Art Ross Trophy, and the Hart Trophy after winning all three titles during the 2014 NHL Awards ceremony at Wynn Las Vegas. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby Is Hurt, Break Out The Tissues

Sidney Crosby is hurt, and that could be the reason that his NHL Playoff effort seemed to be lacking this year. Last night a report came out that the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby have not decided on surgery. But, as we all know Crosby will continue to cry no matter what.

I’ll be honest with you, I would love to have Crosby in my team form a production standpoint, but I can’t stand the crying and complaining. If the wrist injury requires surgery as

reported it will, Crosby would have a valid excuse for only putting up nine points in 13 Playoff games. I’ve never been a fan of using an injury as an excuse. If you take the ice I expect that you can play up to your ability. As we saw that was not the case with Crosby.

Wednesday that Crosby was expected to undergo the surgery within days and that very well may end up being the case in the end. The source quoted in the report also noted that Crosby was definitely hindered by the injury during the playoffs as he couldn’t play the same way. CBS Sports/The Post-Gazette reported

It’s unlikely that there will be any lingering issues with Sidney Crosby’s wrist as long as all medical procedures go according to plan. But what if something goes wrong; will Crosby cry about it or play like a champion? Only time will answer that question, but moving forward Penguins fans should keep an eye on this situation.

When your name is Sidney Crosby there is pressure on you, but there is a new coaching staff, and new players on what was thought to be a Stanley Cup contender the pressure is ten times greater. No matter how I feel about how Crosby expresses himself on the ice; I’d never wish a player ill. Hopefully he has a full recovery, because the NHL does need him.

Once a decision is made on Crosby’s wrist we will bring you any news available.

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  • Brendan Herlihy

    “The pressure is ten time grater” haha

  • Eric Lennert

    MORON!! if you knew anything about hockey you would realize for a player wrist injury is bad news for a High end talent guy. I myself have had both wrist operated on for Carpal Tunnel syndrome

    • Puck Luck

      All that typing at a desk made you an expert on hockey and playing with wrist injuries? I played for 15 years and have played with slashed wrists so bad I couldn’t hold a stick and rotate it either way. It takes a little off your shot but a guy as talented as Crosby would have no problem with that. He played last year in the playoffs and had just returned. He was still the best player on the ice. He is just sore he and his team blew a 3-1 lead and watched the playoffs from their golf carts. They were 16th in the NHL in possession stats last season. That isn’t getting you to the finals. Aside from the top 6 which the Rangers shut down. There was little depth to get a win when the top players are unable to score. The Pens need a couple 2way forwards for the bottom 6 and a shutdown defender. They haven’t got a single Dman that can take the oppositions top players out. The Rangers 3rd line killed the pens too. They had no answer and could not keep up with the Rangers speed and transition game. This year the Rangers are going to challenge for the Met divisions top spot. The Pens need to be a better possession team. They don’t have the puck enough to consistently beat top teams in the playoffs. Fix the defense first. Possession starts there.

  • Bubba Banjo

    Wow you really are representing. Good for you. Doosh role model to all dooshes eveywhere. Stay dooshy my brutha.

  • Damian Zuri

    Crosby never leaked this information – so your article is flawed. As far as I can see I don’t see Crosby whining/complaining over the last two seasons. This is another social stigma article/writer that admits he wishes he had Crosby on his team. Next write an educated article and try not to act like a Philly Hack Fan that wishes his team could win a cup – peace!

    • Puck Luck

      Wow. How do you Penguins fans not notice his whining all the time? You’re saying he hasn’t cried in two years. Whoa. Good for him. That team finally got rid of Ray Shero who always amused me as a Ranger fan. He neglected defense but overloaded his top 9 with top 6 or 3 talent that didn’t fit. You can only have so many top line forwards. You need a 4th line that can bang and change momentum and a 2 way 3rd line that can start shifts on either side of the ice. The Rangers had more depth and that’s why the Pens were golfing after the 2nd round.
      Now with a new GM in place maybe they go somewhere. They screwed themselves with that contract for kris Letang will handcuff them for a long time. He’s not a good possession player with 47% on ice Corsi for% and -14% goals for. An offensive defenseman that is like Swiss Cheese in the defensive zone? Under Bylsma the Pens played the mirror image of the game John Tortarella had the NYR playing. Zone defense and a 2-1-2 forcheck. Low Zone Collapse only works when the puck is in the paint. The Pens were a little more aggressive when the puck was above the hash marks by the blue line but that’s caveman hockey. I wonder if this new coach will have them in a puck persiut and possession system. The Rangers ran over them with all that star power they have there. Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, Neal, and Jokinen. Smart to trade Neal but the return was questionable. Depends where he fits in the lineup. A smart move nonetheless.

  • chris jon

    This writer is only using this article to ironically whine about Crosby’s whining. Pat you are a hypocrite and a tool. This is almost obnoxious enough to get you a job writing for Bleacher Report…