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NHL Game Sevens Are Untouchable, Right?

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The NHL Playoffs are one of the best tournaments in professional sports; included in that are games sevens. Watching a game seven is unlike anything else a hockey fan gets the chance to watch. But, has the time come to change the NHL Playoffs?

Recently I was sitting at local bar listening to a random conversation, and heard someone say “it’s time for the NHL to get rid of game seven”. My first thought was will someone cut this guy off, but then I got to thinking. Could there be something to this?

Changing traditions are often met by a lot of negative thoughts, and change to a great game like hockey is often met by fans tossing beer at you. But, just hear me out. What if the NHL

Playoffs went to a 5,5,5,7 format? ; saving the coveted game seven for the Stanley Cup Final match-up. Part of my thinking is if the change went into effect it would give players a longer off-season to recover from any injuries, or as coaches like to call it “General Body Soreness”.

There is the issue that the NHL would lose revenue by cutting games off of the NHL Playoffs schedule, but it would also open up more time for the league to explore other marketing options. Maybe the World Cup of Hockey in the summer? Granted that cuts the time off for players, but let’s face it who would want to see high quality hockey being played during the summer, and if the NHL uses NHL rinks there is no issue with ice.

Like most ideas about changing traditions this one may be one of the weirdest and most unlikely to ever happen, but at some point everything changes. I think the current format is outstanding and it would take me a long time to adjust to any change, but could be time to consider a bold drastic change to the NHL Playoffs?

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