Mar 31, 2014; Newark, NJ, USA; Florida Panthers center Brandon Pirri (73) (not shown) scores a goal on New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur (30) during the second period at Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Brodeur, An Unexpected Free Agent

It’s hard to believe that Martin Brodeur is still unsigned, and there is nothing he can do about it. But, there may be a light at the end of this strange dark tunnel. As the off-season crawls on and time continues to tick away this unsigned legend may end up in an unlikely place.

There is something odd about Martin Brodeur wanting to continue his career. He has nothing left to prove, and walking away with his reputation and legacy intact sounds like a better choice to me. But that is not in the plans, at least not yet. While looking over countless pages today searching for something worth telling you about I found a short paragraph about

how Brodeur could fit in with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

That little paragraph found on MY NHL Trade Rumors got me thinking, does that work? Oddly enough it could work; Brodeur would back up Sergei Bobrovsky. Blue Jackets fans would jump up and down to have a strong one-two goaltending combination. The next question I asked was how much Cap Space does Columbus have, and would they be willing to out a NHL legend behind Bobrovsky? Cap Geek is reporting that the Blue Jackets have $15,849,524 in cap room, allowing them to sign just about any remaining NHL Free Agent.

Adding Brodeur would be nothing more than what it sounds like, it’s an insurance policy. It would allow the Blue Jackets to give “BOB” a few extra days off and suffer no let down in goal. Something any team would love to have. So why hasn’t Martin Brodeur signed anywhere yet? Blame the salary cap and his resume.

As I look over NHL rosters trying to find Brodeur a home I am stuck with the fact that options are running out. Larry Brooks of the NY Post, suggests that Pittsburgh could be a landing spot they do need a stronger backup, but Marc-Andre Fleury has had confidence issues and the addition of a big name goaltender may prove to be too much for the hot and cold net minder. As for my best guess; frankly I’d be a little worried if I was Brodeur.

Some team will sign him; at least that’s what I’m expecting. The difference between July 7th and July 1st is Brodeur may need to lower his standards and look at teams that could make a run, not just teams we expect to be in the hunt. If that doesn’t sit will with on of the best goalies in NHL history; it might be time to sign with the Devils and retire.

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  • Tennis Newz

    I don’t know what size contract Brodeur is asking for but his numbers have been on a pretty steep decline the past few seasons. With him you likely wouldn’t be getting a great backup, maybe just an okay backup, maybe not even an okay backup. There area pretty reliable veterans around and a lot of teams have some younger goalies who they want to give some NHL experience to see what they can do. The other issue is that while Brodeur’s playing time has decreased, he hasn’t been in a true backup role. One where instead of close to 40 games, maybe he’s only playing 15-20 and he might not get any action for a week and a half until there’s a back to back situation. That role doesn’t suit everyone, but that’s what a lot of teams are looking for in a backup when they have a solid starter. I don’t know how Brodeur would do in that position.

    • Patrick Helper

      It’s hard to put a cap number on Brodeur. But as far as term goes I think you are only looking at a 2 year max. I think he knows he is a back up now, and seems ok with that. I’m guessing who ever brings him in makes sure he understands that. Also if a starting goaltender has an off stretch having Brodeur on the bench could be a nice safety net.

      But, yes he is a risk at this point in his career.