Jan 21, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers (57) during the first period against the Florida Panthers at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Red Wings and Sabres In Talks

It’s July and NHL Trade Rumors are still turning up; this latest rumor may not be shocking when you think about it. It has been reported by The Score that the Detroit Red Wings may be trying to trade for Tyler Myers.

Myers is entering the third year of a seven-year contract; he is under contract until the end of the 2018-2019 season. If this was two years ago no team would even think about trading

for Myers, in 2012-2013 Myers made $12 million according to Cap Geek. The reaming years on his contract make him a very favorable target for teams looking to get bigger and younger.

Tyler Myers Contract Breakdown

2014-2015: Salary $5,000,000, Cap Number $5,500,000

2015-2016: Salary $5,000,000, Cap Number $5,500,000

2016-2017: Salary $4,000,000, Cap Number $5,500,000

2017-2018: Salary $3,500,000, Cap Number $5,500,000

2018-2019: Salary $3,000,000, Cap Number $5,500,000

Up until this past season Myers has fallen out of favor with Sabres fans, it’s not that he has been a bad player, but he has been unable to recapture his Rookie of the Year play. This past season saw the Sabres in turmoil, and Ted Nolan return. Nolan has been able to get Myers skating again, and hope seems to be restored. So why trade him you ask? That is a fairly simple answer. The Sabres don’t need him and he has value.

The Red Wings want to get bigger and younger, and Myers style could fit nicely in Detroit. If the Red Wings want to deal with Buffalo and new GM Tim Murray they will need to part with a number one pick and talent. So far that seems to be something Detroit is not ready to do, but this is defiantly worth keep an eye on.

While the Sabres are in a complete rebuild and Detroit is in Playoff mode both teams are still searching for ways to make their dreams come true. I don’t think this is the last we will hear of this rumor.




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  • Dennis

    I sincerely hope that Nyquist, Mantha ,Tatar and Jurco are not part of the equastion. We’ve seen too many poor decisions when Holland telegraphs his desperation. How about Kindle or Smith with Ferraro and a first round draft pick.

    • Alex

      You have to trade value to get value, as much as a I love Tatar, if it took him and a first then I would do it. We got some other young guys in the system that could replace him, but maybe not his heart. You’re tearing me up as I am typing this!

      • Goomzy

        I feel the same way about Myers. Do not want to trade him. I think this team is perfectly built to get a top 5 pick next year in the draft as well as play good exciting hockey. I think the Sabres will actually surprise next year with all the players they just signed. Gionta, Georges, Mezaros, Molson, Chris Stewart, Stafford, Ennis, Foligno, Myers, Girgensons, Ristolanen, Zadorov, Grigerenko, Armia hopefully plays this year, Deslaures, Kaleta, 4th liners, and then Sam Reinhart who was just drafted #2 in the draft. I think this team should not be taken lightly and do believe they will play very good hockey. The only thing that is suspect is the guys are young and the goaltending. I do believe Enroth is going to stand on his head this year.

        • Alex

          You may be a bit biased I’m guessing. They will be duking it out with Calgary, who led the league in 1 goal loses last year, for Connor McDavid.

  • Dennis

    Forgot to add throw in Cleary as a bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Roberts

    No way you give up a key young player, for a guy who might help you become a middle-of-the-pack team. Either go all in for a Cup run, or go all in on rebuilding. No more going all in just to keep the playoff run going. They gave up a 2nd rounder and a quality prospect to get Legwand/sneak into the playoffs.

    • Goomzy

      I agree. I am a Sabres fan and I believe Myers is going to break out this year. I do not want to trade Myers for a player who possibly might be good while I believe Myers is going to be a top defensive in this league starting this year. He has had hardly had any offense since he has been on the team. I want to see Myers stay in Buffalo for the next 7 years and believe he will be on the contending team in 2 or 3 years. Now if the Wings were going to have a top 10 pick maybe. Myers is also my sons favorite Sabre. I want him here for the rebuild. If Murray trades him I will not be happy.

  • Tom Lazarus

    no way you trade myers. there is no one alive his size who skates like that. it’s like you crossed chara with paul coffey. he will come into his own, and be a cornerstone of our dynasty-in-the-making for the next dozen years.

    • Goomzy

      I agree 110%. As well as I have his jersey. As well he is my sons favorite Sabre. I want him here for the rebuild. You are correct no one can skate like him with the puck out of his zone his size. Myers hopefully stays for the rebuild and is on the first cup winner for the Sabres.

  • davidmuscalo

    I never liked “Baby Huey” (no fire in the belly) and, if Murray can get a first-round pick and second or third liner I’d be delighted.

  • http://toomanymenonthesite.com/ Patrick Helper

    If Myers is moved you are looking at a First and players. Despite his underwhelming performance the past few years you can not dump him. With his cap number at $5.5m he is affordable. Even if he is an the second pairing. I’ve never been a big fan of Myers, but I’, not into dumping a player just to dump a player. If he is not moved before the season you will hear his name come the Trade Deadline.

  • terenceduran

    You praise Murray for restocking the prospect pool, but Hockeysfutures ranked the top 18 Buffalo prospects, and only one of the 18 was obtained by Murray (Carrier). Please, stop revising history and give credit where it belongs. Darcy Regier left Murray with the best prospect pool in the NHL and 4 picks in the first two rounds of the 2014 and 2015 drafts. Murray is doing a great job, but he inherited a great foundation.
    Rasmus Ristolainen
    Mikhail Grigorenko
    Nikita Zadorov
    Mark Pysyk
    Jake McCabe
    Joel Armia
    Johan Larsson
    JT Compher
    Chad Ruhwedel
    Daniel Catenacci
    Matt Hackett
    Nick Baptiste
    Justin Bailey
    William Carrier
    Andrey Makarov
    Linus Ullmark
    Gustav Possler
    Connor Hurley

    • Vince Avino

      Agree with you for the most part, but Darcy had no clue how to develop young talent, or at least bring in the right people (coaches,players) to do that. Murray has already done a good job with bringing in veteran leaders that can mold the young guys. Darcy also over paid for free agents yet refused to re sign good players in their prime i.e., Drury, Brier, just to name 2. Darcy also had no clue how to adapt to the changing NHL, obviously Murray is yet to prove he can, only because he has only been on the job for a few months. Hopefully Murray understands that part of it and Sabres fans can be happy again haha.

      • terenceduran

        So as GM, Regier was responsible for developing the talent as well, I thought that was the coaches job. So you are 100% correct, Ruff had no clue how to develop talent nor how to utilize his talent (how many players came to Buffalo because of their offensive skills as Boyes and Sanderson, only to fail under Ruff’s system. He would probably try to make Ovechkin a checking winger) and other then when we had Mike Grier, Ruff never had a real checking line. Second, you do not think the owner had anything to do with loosing players as Campbell, Drury and Briere? Finally, the last time I checked Regier was the GM when the Sabres went to the cup finals in 99 and eastern conference finals in 98, 06, 07. Regier built teams when the owners never really cared how well they performed. Now we have a coach whose teaching skills are so well refined that we had to trade for or sign on ice “player coaches”. Am I happy that Murray, Black and Patrick are here, absolutely! Patrick knows how to build teams, Black knows how to market (“Back to the Future”) and Murray knows how to recognize young talent. But please can we look to future and stop criticizing the decisions made when we had disinterested ownership. No one other than the “know-nothing” Buffalo press can deny that Murray was left with a great foundation, not a mess.

        • Goomzy

          Slow down there a little bit pal. Regier was a horrible at resigning players or when given the chance to get free agents like Torres/Boyes/Leino/Ehrhoff etc either over paid, or was not able to get the job done. Regier had a chance to sign Drury and well as Brier but stupidly chose to let them hit free agency and the lost out on both players. I do believe Golisano had something to do with it being a cheapo and all. But we all know he chose to go with the farm with Roy/Tim Conolly (sorry if misspelled)/Vanek etc. which was the wrong choice. We all know it was because he drafted those guys and he falls in love with them like he did with Stafford. Regier obviously had to start trading away all his core and what does that bring? Draft picks. All I know is Murray should be a far better at evaluating talent then Regier. Regier remember never was able to win a cup in how many years. We will see how long it takes Murray.

          • terenceduran

            I love it when someone tries to dispute my comments by making even stronger points in support of my premise. Torres was brought in to be a checking winger, Boyes was aquired to score goals, Leino was a total mistake and Ehrhoff did exactly what he was suppose to do. Ruff never knew how to make a checking line, but SJS liked him, exit Raffi. Boyes was underutilized by Ruff and score 13 goals in 2 season, (in March his name was mentioned as a good trade deadline pick up), but Brad scored 21 goals in FLA this past year. Christian, gee I think he just signed with PIT for exactly the same as his cap hit was with BUF. So of the 4 players only Leino was Darcy’s “Folly”. All evidence that Ruff never knew how to utilize his talent well. Next you admitted it was Golisano who “had something to do with being a cheapo”, pretty tough to build a champion when the owner is disinterested. Last time I checked history, Roy/Connolly were traded or released by Regier and Vanek was and still is a highly sought after talent. Also, Regier left Murray, the “BEST” prospect pool in the NHL and 4 picks in each of the 1st two rounds of this years and next years draft, a GREAT foundation. I would think that even you have to admit that even without ownership support, the Sabres came very close to the cup in both ’06 and ’07. Injuries to 5 d-men ended the cup hopes in ’06 and not have a checking line prevented a cup in ’07. Finally, I would hope it would not take Murray long to turn this team around with an owner who wants a championship, a management staff supporting him and a deep prospect pool ready to make the jump to the NHL. By the way Regier was such a poor GM that he was given promotion when he joined Arizona and now is Senior Vice President.

  • Cannibal King

    No way the Sabres do this trade without Anthony Mantha coming back. Nyquist,Tatar and Jurco are hardly cornerstones and even with all of Myers growing pains, he’s a top pair D who shoots right. He’s already earned a bunch of that contract, so you also need to look at the fact that even as a 3 or 4 D that plays PP and SH he’s worth the yearly from here on out. He’s had a couple of crappy years playing on a crappy teams. I believe his game improves as the team improves. Keep him. Unless of course the Wings want to do something stupid like trade Mantha.