Corsi Number Will Kill Plus, Minus

In today’s NHL it’s about showing your value, and the days of plus, minus may be fading away. Today the Corsi Number is getting more attention, and it could lead to a change in the box scores.

First let me introduce you to the man who brought the Corsi number to life. Jim Corsi was the Buffalo Sabres goaltending coach for 16 seasons. He played in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers, but his NHL career was short-lived. Corsi did have a lengthy international career.

An advanced statistic in hockey that measures the shot attempt differential of a player while on the ice including shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots for and against. Corsi captures the differential of shots directed towards the net as an indication of the player’s ability to generate chances vs. giving up chances. [Sporting Charts]

The Corsi Number is basically a tool used to measure how productive a player is, it gives points for shots taken, and takes points away for shots taken at their goal.  But it is much more  than that. This stats is “new” it allows for factors to be considered, and teams are buying in.

While the Corsi Number was designed to help Sabres goaltenders see how much action they were facing it is not applied to teams and every player on the ice. This stats is designed to be positive, it is an indicator of effort as much as it is an indicator of your two-way play.

This stat is starting to gain popularity among player agents as well. Players like Alex Ovechkin who had a -35, but took 385 shots would most likely favor a Corsi Number. As this stat grows and more and more front office people take notice I think the plus minus box is going to be replaced by the Corsi Number.

For those hockey fans who say the Buffalo Sabres never gave the NHL anything this is proof that the Sabres gave the game something that may change the way we view players forever.

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