NHL Rumors: Vincent Lecavalier and the Ottawa Senators

In what could only be considered a failed attempt, Vincent Lecavalier may not play for the Flyers again. The Ottawa Senators are the hot new name coming up in rumors. After the Senators moved Jason Spezza they have a hole to fill, and Lecavalier may be the only player out there with a chance of doing that.

Lecavalier has four years left on his contract and carries an annual cap-hit of $4.5 million. It’s really not that bad of a contract, but when you look at his numbers (67 GP, 20 G, 17 A) as a Flyer you can understand why he needs to go. Vincent Lecavalier was once talked about as an elite player, but that seems like a long time ago, now the 34-year-old seems to be on a

sharp decline, but he could still help the Senators.

I see Lecavalier as a two-year player, after that teams are just wasting their money, and that seems to be the problem. There have been rumors that the Nashville Predators want Lecavalier but only if the Flyers take on some on the contract, the same rumors are said to be true with the Senators.CSN Philly has quotes a “source” as saying ““Philly won’t pick up a good portion of the contract with many teams,” a source said which is why the Flyers are struggling to move Lecavalier.”

After 14-years in the NHL Vincent Lecavalier is in no man’s land, his team doesn’t want him, and other NHL teams don’t want to pay him. Let this be a lesson to players, at some point you are going to be that guy just hanging on. By no means should his career be over at 34-years-old, but unless he figured out how to back in time and play like he did from 2005-2008 Vinny is just going to be an over paid third line player.


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