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Hockey Canada Unveils New Uniforms / 100th Anniversary Logo

Hockey Canada unveiled the uniforms that Team Canada will wear in all international competitions for 2014-15. The jerseys and accompanying logo honor 100 year anniversary of the establishment of hockey Canada. Curiously, the jerseys are based off the ones Team Canada sported for the 1974 Summit Series, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this season. While that is also a worthy milestone, Team Canada was defeated handily by the Russians 4-1-3 and the 1974 series is largely overshadowed by the more famous 1972 Summit Series.

History aside, these uniforms are a vast improvement over the uniforms Team Canada sported for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. They are simple and have the uniformity that the arm-band rocking Olympic jerseys had. My only complaint is that these uniforms look like a Nike-fied version of the Carolina Hurricanes new uniforms. In fact, I wish the red Team Canada uniform would become the basis of a new home uniform for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Included on the left chest is the special Hockey Canada 100 Year Anniversary logo. While the interlocking zeros are a bit difficult to read from a distance, I do like how they evoke the Olympic rings.

When you look closer, you will also notice that Nike’s trademark sublimated laces have been carried over from the 2014 Olympic jerseys. It is still a strange decision to forgo the use of traditional laces, but considering they really serve no purpose on a modern hockey jersey, I can understand why Nike has gone to sublimation.

Along with the unveiling of the 100th Anniversary uniforms, Hockey Canada has also launched an interactive website that shows the jerseys that Team Canada has worn over the last century.

Considering how poor I thought their Sochi jerseys were, I think the uniforms unveiled today by Hockey Canada are a vast improvement and a great way to honor a century of Hockey Canada.

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