NHL Rule Change: Get Rid of Divisions and Conferences

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NHL Divisions are in place to create more rivals, but given the recent NHL Playoffs format changes it might be time to get rid of the Divisions. I may be thinking a bit outside the box on this one, but why not change to an East/West format? Or to take it further, maybe just change to a format that wipes out East vs. West all together.  It’s time for another NHL Rule Change.

If the NHL made this change they would also need to change how many times teams play each other, but I think that could build more rivals. If this happened the NHL could stand to make more money. Teams with stars would be playing in cities more often, and the fans would get to watch their hero’s more than once a year in some cases.

Its summer time and its ideas like this that make the off-season bearable, but really, this is not the worst idea I’ve ever heard. The NHL will always look to make changes, and while this idea is extreme it could work.

Having an open format could help teams like the Florida Panthers, and New York Islanders; both teams are hurting and having a hard time filling their buildings. But, if star players from the “West” are no longer in a different Conference it could boost profits for every team.

To further my argument, the NHL Playoffs are awesome, but this would make them better. You could have teams battling it out year after year, and that drives fan bases to new levels.  TMMOTS Staff Writer Chris Gay reminded me of a great example of how this could work (1970’s the Sabres & Flyers & Bruins & Canadiens were playing each other in the Stanley Cup Finals).

Some of the best NHL games in history came before the NHL separated the teams; it’s time to for another NHL Rule Change.

Is it time for the NHL to get rid of Divisions and Conferences?

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