The General Manager Corner: NHL Trades to Consider

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Apr 28, 2014; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets fans react after their team

As we approach the end of another NHL season, don’t fret fellow hockey fans. In fact, it’s time for the next fun part of the calendar: the off-season! And since we fans know more than the 30 General Managers paid to do this stuff, I think it’s only appropriate to throw out a couple of trade ideas that not only make sense, but should happen this summer. Of course that doesn’t mean any of them will happen, but if one of these do occur over the next few weeks, just remember where you read it first. And if you’re a General Manager reading this and something strikes a chord, at least give me some credit.

So without further ado, the five hockey trades that should happen this off-season (all salaries courtesy of

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  • Otto Linderman

    Bowman would not trade hjammer for a prospect and a 3rd pick. Remember this is the guy that he chose over Niemi after the 2010 cup. Him an duncs are the soul of the defense

  • MH

    Otto- I don’t know how they get under the cap tho now or in future without shedding some good players.

  • MH

    Not saying it’s the best return but they don’t have much leverage if it’s a salary dump

  • Bojangles

    Marchand AND Koko for Marleau? You nuts? You see the Bs giving up a top 5 prospect with Marchand to break up one of the best possession and plus/minus lines in the NHL, get cap strapped, get older, slower, less versatile, and more expensive. Better stick to reporting – you got a way to go with opinion pieces.

    • MH

      Already rumors that came out after this was published that marchand for marleau is being discussed. So maybe not so crazy after all?