NHL Seattle, Hope Restored?

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The NHL seems to be on-again, off-again when the topic of expansion is brought up, and Seattle’s name keeps coming up. There’s one problem: Potential arena investor Chris Hansen and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman have few different views. But, Seattle’s hope may be restored.

With yesterday’s news about the Los Angeles Clippers sale falling apart, rumored owner(s) Steve Ballmer, Victor Coleman, and Hansen to spend some money in Seattle. This may not be connected, but it has been reported that Hansen has agreed to buy five acres of property south of South Holgate Street, near land he already owns.

It seems like Seattle may soon have an arena, making the NHL possibility closer to a reality. Seattle would give the NHL another Western Conference team, and that has long been rumored to be the goal.

There have been no reports that this land is going to be home to a new arena, but it seems that things are in motion. We know there is at least a color scheme and team name floating around, and now there is a large land purchase. I’m a big smoke equals fire guy, and it seems like Seattle is heating up in an attempt to get the NHL to the city.

If Seattle does start construction on an arena, I’d assume they are going to want some sort of guarantee from Bettman and the NHL. But, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, NHL. Seattle could be a long ways off, but at least there’s some hope, right?

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