NHL Trade Rumors: Could Kesler and Spezza Be Traded

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This is a great time of year to be a NHL fan. The NHL Draft is just under a month away, and this “off-seaon” there are plenty of NHL Trade Rumors to talk about. Today we will look in to Ryan Kesler, and Jason Spezza.


It’s not at all shocking to see Kesler’s name in the mix again. It was around the NHL Trade Deadline that Kesler made it know he no longer wanted to be part of the Vancouver Canucuks. Once again it seems Kesler wants out, and it has been reported that he has made it clear to new GM Jim Benning that he wants out. The question is can the Canucks move him, and what is fair value for Kesler?

Yes, he can be moved and I expect he will be moved. The Canucks cannot rebuild with a player who no longer wants to be part of the team .We have all heard about lame duck coaches; If Kesler is still in Vancouver come training camp he may become a lame duck player, and that will derail any dream the Canucks have of improving their team. I’m not a fan of players demanding trades, but in this case the Canucks need to make something happen.

I would expect the asking price for Kesler to remain high. The Canucks are going to want a number one pick and NHL Players. This is about getting better now, not in three years. Kesler is under contract for two more seasons at a $5 million cap hit. That’s makes him an incredible catch if a team can pull it off. There may be one stumbling block; Kesler has a NTC giving him most of the power in a potential trade.

Maybe the Washington Capitals should give the Canucks a call. Kesler could fit in well, don’t you think?

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