The NHL and Their $3.7 Billion In Revenue

The NHL is considered by some to no longer be a “Big” four major sport in the USA, well it is. It has been reported that the NHL has $3.7 Billion in revenue this season. Business is good, and next year it will get better.

If you recall the NHL has a new contract with Canadian Television and that starts next season, the added revenue is estimated to bring the NHL’s revenue to over $4 Billion next season.  The leagues revenue is directly link to the Salary Cap, estimated to be just over $70 Million next season. In thePHT report there is a tweet from James Mirle saying the cap could be as high as $76 Million for the 2015-2016 season, he also went on to say the floor would be around $56 Million.

Here’s my problem, didn’t the NHL and the NHLPA just strike because the cost of doing business was out of control? At least that is what the fans were expected to believe. If the NHL is just NHL: NHL Press Conference. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sportsgoing to allow history to repeat itself than the fans of this league got the shaft. Clearly this game is profitable, and clearly there is going to be more money being pumped into the NHL vaults. But, when the current CBA expires in September 15, 2022, “with both the NHL and the NHLPA having the right to terminate the Agreement after eight years.” What will be the new excuse?

I am all for the NHL being in the Black, and teams being able to stay in business, but I’m not okay with the clear misleading that takes place. Also, if the league is doing so well, than move you’re failing teams into better markets. Leaving teams like the Phoenix Coyotes and Florida Panthers in poor hockey markets is only driving down their value, and hurting  the NHL’s profits. After all it’s clearly about making money and not the product on the ice.

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