The Stanley Cup Champion Gets a Top Three NHL Draft Pick?

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The Stanley Cup Final is heading into its second game, and that means the season will soon be over. That means that just around the corner is the NHL Draft; this year the Draft will be held on June 27–28, 2014 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There has been talk about the NHL changing how the Draft order is decided. Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe the Stanley Cup Champion should be in the running for a top three Draft pick.

A major concern in sports is tanking to get the top pick, and while the NHL uses a lottery system to try to make that a non-issue it still comes up every year. But, maybe the easiest way to fix the issue is to give the Stanley Cup Champion a card in the lottery, and make it a guarantee they get a top three spot. I realize there are some issues with that as well, the rich get richer, and it raises question about how will the bottom teams get any better? That’s a non-issue for me. There is the AHL, Juniors, and College for NHL teams to find and develop talent. Also why should the “best” team in the league get penalized for winning a championship?


Shouldn’t there should be a reward other than a parade and a trophy? Also, I’m not saying just hand them the top pick. But, they should be in the mix for a high pick, after all haven’t they earned it?

If the NHL wants to end the tanking conversation make winning the Cup a bigger deal. Putting the Champion in the mix for a top Draft pick could spice things up come the NHL Trade Deadline as well. On the other hand maybe it’s a bad idea.

Check out page two for why it may be one of the worse ideas ever.


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