World Cup of Hockey to Toronto for 2016

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Looking for the flare of international hockey without the hassle of insuring players for millions of dollars and travelling halfway across the world? The NHL seems to be on the verge of settling that dilemma.

The NHL will be introducing, for the second time, a World Cup of Hockey to be played in Toronto in September of 2016, according to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston.

The NHL and NHLPA are working on the final details, but agreed it would be best to reinstate the tournament at the Air Canada Centre, in one of the league’s biggest markets. It is also believed for future events, that countries would have to participate in a bidding war for the event, which is being speculated to bring in roughly $100-million in revenue.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the game,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to Sportsnet. “We start with the fact that of all of the North American sports, our players, our game has a history and tradition of international competition. It’s something that we know is very important for our players to be able to represent their countries.”

The last World Cup of Hockey in 2004 saw Canada defeat Finland 3-2 in the final, which was also hosted in Toronto.

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  • John Thomas Hill

    I think the better solution would be to have the tournament in even years that aren’t Winter Olympic years so that the fans are used to the “Olympic/World Cup break”, and also to make the All-Star Game a special event again, as it would only be every two years. Instead of the fans voting, have the absolute best players over the two years between All Star Games be chosen by a select committee consider the full body of work and not just popularity. I’d keep the All-Star draft and have the select committee select two “captains” to choose the teams.