Dec 3, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks left wing Patrick Sharp (10) is congratulated by center Andrew Shaw (65) and center Jonathan Toews (19) and right wing Patrick Kane (88) for scoring a goal against the Dallas Stars during the second period at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Blackhawks Want Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

The Chicago Blackhawks were one of the NHL’s best teams yet again, and that is in large part due to having both Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on the roster. Both players will become UFA’s after the 2014-2015 season, and both will be looking for big deals.

Winning in the NHL is about having a core group of players that can grow and mature alongside each other, Chicago has had the great fortune of watching that happen over the past four seasons. Kane and Toews both signed identical contracts back in 2009 that carried a cap hit of $6.3 million a year. The NHL’s salary cap is expected to be around $71 million next season, and according to CapGeek the Blackhawks are carrying $66.4 million in contracts into next season.

That brings up the question; can the Blackhawks afford to sign both Kane and Toews? If you are a Blackhawks fan you will say of course we can, However if you are looking into the future do you need to sign them both? I’m not so sure you do. If forced to make a choice I would take Toews over Kane at this point in their careers. Toews is the captain and I believe the less streaky player. As we just saw during the Playoffs Kane can go silent for stretches; while uncommon it deserves to be brought up.

Both players are top-level talent and together on the same team make for a very dangerous combination. I’m just suggesting that the Blackhawks explore all options before investing what could be near $8 million per player over what I would expect to be at least a six-year deal if not longer. Kane is 25 years-old, and Toews is 26 years-old, in reality if they go for the big contract it is their career contract.

The Blackhawks have talent in Rockford and I’m guessing they have some kids in college waiting for a chance to prove they can play. Maybe trying to sign Kane and Toews to a bridge deal may be the smartest move. That would give both players and team a chance to reevaluate everything three-four years. Honestly there really is no wrong answer here; it’s all about doing what’s best for the franchise. But keep in mind both players would bring a bounty of young talent and draft pick back to the Blackhawks whenever the time come to move one of these star players.

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  • buttercuppy

    I am bemused that apparently Kane is the expendable one because I doubt the the Blackhawks organization feels the same way. Does anybody else remember what happened when he missed a handful of games this season from injury (which was the longest injury timeout in his career, btw)? The Hawks were shutout like five times. The first shutout on Feb. 7 when he missed the Coyotes game on a personal matter was the first shutout the Hawks had suffered since 2011. Then he goes down with injury, and in the first five games without him, they get shutout twice. Kane provides offensive depth on the team that needs his firepower. Not just potting in goals, but providing a secondary scoring line because that’s what he does: without him, the Hawks are a more one dimensional team.

    As for streaky: ALL players are streaky. Last year, Toews could barely buy a goal in the playoffs, while Kane went up and down before pulling it together to win the Conn Smythe.

    • 2dogs

      I’d like to see him finish in the top ten on team in plus minus for a change. It’s been at least three years. Best stick handler in the league but needs to back check and forecheck before I’d put him in the top 50 players in the NHL.

  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    If we had a frickin true center, I believe Kane would be up their with the scorers…hey mgmt enuf is enough! The Hawks shall retain both players, thankfully, both are represented by the same agent! Excited about next season and if Teuvo turns out 2B that center great, conversely, mgmt had be ready 2pounce on one.. Go Hawks!

  • Otto Linderman

    There is no need to think about this. What Kane and Toews have done for this team and this city is beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined. Remember back in the dark ages when they could barley fill half the stadium, let alone be seen on local TV? Then two of the most important Blackhawks in history were drafted. That began the golden ages. Toews and Kane are the reason why Chicago is one of the best, if not the best hockey city in America. Outside what they have done for the city of Chicago, on the ice, they are the two best players on our team. Kaner is the most clutch player this city has seen by far since Jordan, what he can do in the heat of the moment is magical. But the heart and soul of the team is the captain! He literally does it all, in any situation, he’s is arguably the best player in the world! Bowman will resign both of them and they will both take home town discounts because to them it isn’t bout the money. They play because they love this game, they love this organization and most important they want to win! And they know they can do that together and they will.