The Jeff Carter Project (Video)

In the NHL there are streaky players and then there is Jeff Carter. Carter has a history of driving fans nuts with his on again off again play, but during this year’s NHL Playoffs Carter has been on his game, and he just helped the Los Angeles Kings ground the Chicago Blackhawks.

Carter was drafted in the first round of the 2003 NHL Draft by the Philadelphia Flyers, but it hasn’t been until recently that he has flown. Carter has 48 points in the past three years of Playoff appearances, and this year he is putting up just over a point a game.


Last night Carter scored again, but that goal will be over analyzed for years to come, as some believe it was not a legal goal. I’ll just say this. I’m a Sabres fan, I completely understand controversial goals.

Moving forward the Kings are in good hands. Carter is under contract until the end of the 2021-2022 season, and does not have a cap number over $5,272,727.  If the Kings hope to send the New York Rangers back to Broadway they will need Jeff Carter to continue playing above his current pay grade.

The Kings have a lot more talent than just Carter, but without him this year they wouldn’t be four wins away from winning the Stanley Cup.


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