Montreal Canadiens Should Move P.K. Subban


For the Montreal Canadiens, this offseason will be about getting to the next step, and they must decide what to do with P.K. Subban. After falling to the New York Rangers in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals, the Canadiens have a lot of questions to answer, and they don’t have a lot of cap space to answer those questions.

While he may be a fan “favourite,” the reigning Norris Trophy winner is in line for a very big raise, and Montreal should at least think about moving him. I’m only saying this because he could bring the Canadiens some very talented parts for the future. With the NHL Draft coming up, Subban could be a great player to add to any possible trade ideas. 

Here’s a thought: Montreal attempts to move Subban to Edmonton as part of a package and get the Oilers’ first-round pick. That would move the Canadiens from bottom third of the draft to the number three spot. Edmonton is in need of a big time defenseman, and adding Subban would give them some instant credibility within their fan base.

For Montreal fans, this may seem like a really dumb idea, but your team just fell apart when it mattered most, and your scorers forgot how to score. Okay, I know Henrik Lundqvist went into super goalie mode, but think about this: You had the talent to get to the Conference Finals, and now you have a top three draft pick. You could bring in an elite scorer, under a rookie contract. That could set you up for another five to eight years.

It’s a matter of addition by subtraction, and I think this idea should at least be thought about in the Canadiens front office. The Canadians have 11 RFA/UFA’s that need to be signed or moved, and their projected cap space is $35,916,667 before signing anyone. If they want to bring the Stanley Cup home to Canada, hard choices need to be made.


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    your an idiot and lungquist was not superman he was outplayed by a third stringer the rangers won the game with a solid defense and your goalie made a flop of a save, he faced 18 shots ,so don’t make it sound like your queen won the game


    and since you know shit about the canadiens they have plenty of cap space,DO YOUR HOME WORK CLOWN,and P.S ENJOY THE WEST SMACKING YOUR RANGERS

  • Dennis

    les habs, your alright. Move nobody, resign the guys who got you there, Might have to upgrade the playoff guys.
    Cut Markov’s toi to 10-15 minutes, he is still a valuable asset. I watched 95% of the Canadians games, some were spectacular. Best hockey ever.
    After watching the rangers play, i have more respect for the bruins, Atleast they didnt take out our goalie.

    • LES HABS

      no, I think gionta, got to go yes cut markovs time, play tinordi and patyrn and go find me a power forward,We have the best goalie in the game,Price will win a couple of cups before he is done, he is only 26.And idont care what anybody says,the way price was playing we would of beat NY

  • Sean Grice

    Galchenyuk was drafted to be a Center.

    Lars Eller showed he’s now at the level to supplant Plekanec.

    Plekanec will waive his no-trade clause and the Canadiens will net a good return on him.

    The Montreal Canadiens are following in the footsteps of the Hawks and Kings. They’re keeping the core (Subban, Price, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty, Jacob De la Rose, Brendan Gallagher, Jarred Tinordi, Beaulieu) and building other pieces around them.

    • Tom

      But unfortunately Therrien doesn’t have faith in his younger D men or even younger forwards(Bourvanial)

  • disqus_gxZaxBeuLK

    Why would you trade your Number one defenseman. Ur really stupid

  • Tom

    So you’re giving Edmonton a Subban so they probably won’t end up in the bottom 3 especially if they resign Shultz or whatever his name is… eventually they’re going to break out and giving them a Subban could make that happen… Plus if you don’t resign Subban what do we have left for a blueline!? 35 year old Markov who can’t be logging heavy mintues anymore Emilien who is so far inside his own shell it’s scary? Gorges is great… Weaver is a good third d pairing Beaulieu is good but not trusted enough by Therrien same with Tinordi and Pateryn I blue line will be even weaker than last year… we already have enough scores they just aren’t consistent or lazy(Bourque)… I’d trade Bourque instead for a pick and maybe package it with a pick and a prospect if you wanted a top pick that badly but it’d have to probably be a first round pick and a pretty good prospect