Patrick Kane: Injured or Unable?


The Chicago Blackhawks are on the brink of elimination, and Patrick Kane is missing in action. Kane is still tied for fourth on the Blackhawks roster with 11 points, but is he injured or unable to perform during this series?

Chicago is only three wins away from a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals, and one of their top scorers has gone silent. Kane has scored only one goal in the last nine games. To compound the issue, Kane has only registered one assist during the Western Conference Finals. There are a few possibilities for the lack of production, but nether possibility will help save the Blackhawks.

There is the chance that Kane has suffered an injury of some sort, and because it’s the NHL Playoffs the Blackhawks are not reporting anything. If injured I would assume that it is nothing

May 26, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings defenseman Matt Greene (2) and Chicago Blackhawks right

too serious,  the Blackhawks wouldn’t risk losing Kane for what they hope is a chance to skate around the rink with the Stanley Cup. The normally durable Kane hasn’t seemed like himself lately, and an injury could be what is leading to the lack of production.

The second and what some will say the most likely possibility is that the Los Angeles Kings have found a way to shut down Kane; making him unable to produce. If that is the case there is nothing the Blackhawks can do. Every once in a while a team is able to completely shut down a star player, and maybe that is what the Kings are doing. The only problem with this possibility is the lack of goal scoring. One goal in nine games doesn’t suggest it’s all the Kings doing.

For Kane fans watching the past two rounds must not be a lot of fun. The Chicago Blackhawks have had a leg cut out from under them, and unless Kane can get back up on his skate and start being part of the solution and not part of the problem the Blackhawks will be booking tee-times come Thursday morning


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  • 2dogs

    He might be hurt but he is one of the least physical players in the nhl. His game is to hang out in open ice and let his line mates do the dirty work. He hasn’t been in the top 10 for +- for the Hawks in the last 3 years. That said we still need him to convert when he gets his chances and he can be clutch in critical games.

  • nickatnoon

    When your ‘heroes’ behave like jerks, you ignore it, and when they under-perform b/c they are cowards why do you make excuses for them? Kane is PERIMETER b/c he is too gutless to go to the dirty areas. He is good in open ice but he probably does the LEAST with his talent than any other player in the NHL, including OvenCHICKEN.

    • Patrick Helper

      Wow, strong words. But, from what I have read from other you are not alone in feeling that way.

  • nickatnoon

    I grew up watching REAL MEN like Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, etc play hockey. Pussies like Patty Kakes Kane just cannot measure up to that.

    • Adam Tea

      … he has 2 stanley cups under his belt. how many do you have?