Chicago Blackhawks: Game Day

Tonight is Game 2 of the Western Conference Final for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings with Chicago leading 1-0. Still at the United Center, the Chicago Blackhawks have won 18 of their last 20 home games. Corey Crawford gets my MVP award for Game 1 saving 25 out of 26 shots leaving the Kings with only that one goal and the Blackhawks win with three. LA King Tyler Toffoli was the only one to get the puck through Crawford. He’s ranked 6th with eight points in 15 games and is definitely a winger to watch. The Blackhawks can’t depend solely on the goaltending.  They are going to need solid contributions from the blue line, which was achieved in the 1st round of the playoffs against the St. Louis Blues, however the defensemen dropped some power in the 2nd round against the Minnesota Wild.  We’ll see what happens with the last home ice advantage tonight before going on the road. Back to center ice and enter Andrew Shaw. Not tonight. Unfortunately, Coach Q feels it is in everyone’s best interest for Shaw not to play and shoot for Saturday’s game instead. Not only are Shaw’s skills missed, but also the guys say the locker room is much quieter without him.  Whether or not that’s good or bad, he is a colorful character and certainly one the Blackhawks are better with than without. Marian Hossa is the Blackhawk’s team leader in points with 13 in 13 games.  That’s only 3 less than his points last year in 22 games.  Go Hoss! Score three tonight and beat it!  A hat-trick would set the energy for Game 3.  Not getting ahead, there is another Marian with stats just as impressive.  Marian Gaborik leads the NHL in points and as luck would have it he’s a King.  See you tonight at the UC, for Game 2 and for the battle of the Marians.

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