Barry Trotz Will Coach Again

Barry Trotz will have another coaching job come next season. The only question is where will he end up? There are a few openings now, and a few more teams may make room for him.

The Vancouver Canucks could be a possible home for the former Nashville Predators bench boss, but I’ll caution Canucks fans. If you are looking for a high-powered offense, you may not like what Trotz brings. Trotz was in Nashville from the beginning, and no one will ever remember his teams for setting the scoreboard on fire. He had, and I’ll assume will continue to have a sound defensive strategy and approach to the game.

That approach is the one reason I’m not sold on the Canucks rolling the dice on Trotz, Vancouver needs to develop some scorers, and Trotz dispute having the services of Paul Kariya for a few years was not able to maintain scoring. In Vancouver he would need to find a way to get the aging Sedin twins back in the grove. Granted, if your team is not going to score, it wouldn’t hurt to have a coach who can develop defensive strategies.

A second team that may come calling is the Washington Capitals. Bringing Trotz to Washington seems to sound better than Vancouver. During this past regular season, only four of the top 10 scoring teams were from the Eastern Conference. There has been a big style difference between the East and West; the East has been more of a blue-collar style with strong defensive play leading the way. That’s not to say there isn’t an exception to the rule.

Pairing Trotz with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, a combined -57 last season, could help teach these guys how to play two-way hockey. Trotz has a reputation for not taking any junk from players, and his expectations would be high. With that in mind, the Predators players liked Trotz, and for that reason, I could see him finding a way to work with the Capitals talent.

It’s no secret that a sound, well-played defense can develop into a scoring team. With 557 wins on his résumé, this man will find work. It’s just a question of where and when.

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