Ryan Miller Will Call California Home?

Could Ryan Miller be heading to California? I’d say there is a chance two of the three teams in California will call Miller’s agent. Both the Anaheim Ducks, and San Jose Sharks are in need of better goaltending, and Miller may have hit the jackpot.

The Ducks are a string team that got burned by playing goaltender roulette, and that needs to stop. They do have choices, Anaheim could try to resign Jonas Hiller, as was rumored to be their plan, or they can bring in Miller and hope he doesn’t implode in the hot California sun. Miller is going to want Henrik Lundqvist money, but he is not in the same class as Lundqvist. I think the Duck could get Miller with a five-year deal worth around $7 million a year.

For Miller landing anywhere in the West Coast would be a dream. His wife is an actress in Los Angeles, and having the chance to continue his career with Stanley Cup hungry teams doesn’t hurt. If the Ducks don’t fly, maybe Miller could swim with the Sharks. San Jose is going to rebuild by dumping some old players and bringing in new faces with top talent. The Sharks are fresh off an epic collapse in this year’s Playoffs, and switching from Antti Niemi to Ryan Miller doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Fresh blood should get the Sharks circling the Finals soon.

One thing we all need to keep in mind is Miller may have hurt his value this year. He wanted out of a struggling Buffalo Sabres organization and landed in a fully loaded St. Louis Blues team, but he wasn’t up to the task. For fans of the Sabres that is nothing new, many people believe Miller will keep you in a game, but he is not the kind of goaltender that steals you a lot of points.

With that being said, I think the Sharks may be the best fit for Miller if he does have the chance to play in California. Both the Sharks and Ducks are going to have a very interesting off-season, and Miller’s name is sure to come up again. For Miller it is a waiting game, and for the teams it’s about getting back to the Finals.

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