Montreal Canadiens Fans Make It Rain on Milan Lucic GIF

The Boston Bruins were dismantled last night by the Montreal Canadiens, and true to form, Milan Lucic went to the dark side. Now, the NHL has a crowd control problem to add to its ever-growing reputation problem. Montreal Canadiens fans took it upon themselves to give Lucic a towel to wipe his tears with.

It’s just another day in the life of the NHL; a game gets out of hand, and something is tossed at a player. This time, the fans did the tossing, and once again the cameras caught it. CBS Sports supplied the world with the GIF.

cropped_lucic via CBS Sports

With this series going to a Game 7, the NHL and its officials had better sit down and figure out how to better control two of the Original Six teams, because a repeat of last night’s mess will only get worse in Boston. The teams combined for 73 hits and 44 penalty minutes in what was a 4-0 Montreal victory.

Lucic has made a career pushing the limits of the rule book, and as much as he is hated by opposing fans, most would enjoy having him on their team. The problem is that things in the NHL are getting out of control, and the league doesn’t suspend players that bring in money. Last night’s mess is on the players and on the league, but the league has allowed this style of play to develop in to a powder keg, and at some point it’s going to blow up in the NHL’s face.

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