Sidney Crosby Spears Dominic Moore (GIF)

Sidney Crosby has been called the “Second Coming” of Wayne Gretzky, and you know what he does a lot in common with The Great One. Crosby has great regular season numbers, he has won a Stanley Cup, and he cries a lot. He is also prone to be a little dirty.

Last night the Rangers/Penguins game had a lot of rough play, and a lot of hits. But, here’s the problem the NHL’s poster boy Sidney Crosby took a cheap shot last night. In a GIF created by Zombie Prophet you can clearly see Sidney Crosby spear Dominic Moore between the legs. To make matters worse it took the media to push Crosby to confess.


nut_shot, Via @ZProphet_MMA

I don’t think Crosby will be fined or suspended, after all he is Sidney Crosby. But, is this how a star should act? If the NHL is looking for a cleaner image, this kind of stuff needs to stop.

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  • Pivot

    That’s how he plays. If things don’t go his way, he puts on a whining clinic. He uses his stick to slash, spear, and chop at players that’re able to shut him down. Usually it’s a game the pens are loosing as well but he has no cooth whatsoever. The Rangers are no saints but they don’t initiate dirty play like that. It’s not really their game. For the most part they’re a small team. They do have Kreider back and that has been huge for them. Especially since he’s on the top line and plays a gritty game if you ask to play that way. If Crosby slashes Stepan or Nash or even a defenseman. Cindy is gonna have all 235lbs of that kid in his face. He’s not afraid to fight either.