NHL Playoffs: Lundqvist Squirts Crosby, Water War 3 (GIF)

The New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins are developing  deep seeded disdain for each other, and that is just par for the course in the NHL Playoffs. Last night we got to see water war three as Henrik Lundqvist sprayed Sidney Crosby with a water bottle. This is the third time this season a player has decided to use H2O warfare.

The game itself has temper flying as the Penguins tried to finish the Rangers season, but New York had other ideas. The Ranger found a way to get Crosby off his game, and Sid The Kid had a few of his trade mark fits. With that being said, Crosby and goal scoring in the NHL Playoffs don’t always go hand in hand. This series Crosby has only scored once, and with the series on the line the Penguins captain didn’t show up.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but hats off to the Rangers for doing what ever it took to get back in this series. One player form last night game stands out Mr. Lundgvist. He took it upon himself to give Crosby a drink during a scrum, and thanks to SB Nation we have a GIF.

Water Bottle Wars. via SB Nation

I guess this is the new trend in the NHL Playoffs, and I must say as dumb as it is it makes for a good laugh.

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