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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Second Round Uniform Showdown

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During the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I did a uniform showdown for each of the series; you can see that here. Now that we are deep into the second round of the playoffs, I thought now would be a good time to do the same for the latest match ups. With that, here is the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs: Uniform Showdown. 

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild


This match up proved to be a but more difficult to call than I expected. The Chicago Blackhawks uniforms are regarded as one of the best in the NHL, and has largely remained the same since the mid-50s. While Minnesota’s jerseys may evoke a classic feel, the away jerseys are new this year, and the alternates they have elected to wear at home date back to 2009. While I like the forrest green and simplicity of Minnesota’s alternate, one of the most creative logos in the NHL is relegated to the shorts. It is the one major flaw with the alternates; the script logo would fit better on a baseball jersey rather than a hockey sweater.


If this was just a showdown between the two team’s away jerseys, I would actually give the Minnesota Wild the edge. The bear head logo is prominently featured on the front and it is the perfect blend of modern and classic. By comparison, the Chicago away jerseys seem bland. However, Chicago runs away with the competition when the home jerseys are brought into the mix. Chicago’s red home jerseys are one of the best in the NHL and ultimately puts them over the top when matched up against Minnesota.

Winner: Chicago Blackhawks

Next: Anaheim and Los Angeles

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