EA Sports Releases NHL 15 News And Trailer

EA Sports released information on the latest version of the NHL series, NHL 15, which will drop in the fall of 2014.

EA Sports is taking a step further with their brand by adding many new elements to the game.

12 Player NHL Collision Physics: This is one of the biggest additions to the game. With the 12 Player NHL Collision Physics system, every player on the ice is governed by real-world physics at all times. This will lead to realistic occurrences on the ice, like hard hitting, as well as scrambles and pileups,

Real Puck Physics: The puck will also be a victim of real-world physics. This will result in a more realistic feel for the game. It won’t make it easier, though. Everything on the ice is interactive, which results in unpredictable puck spins, rolls, and bounces.

Authentic Player & Equipment Models: The players in the game will now have three distinct layers – the body, the equipment, and the jersey. All of these layers are interactive, meaning the layers will react to player movements adding a more realistic look to the game.

Over 9,000 Crowd Models: One of the most unrealistic aspects to the EA Sports NHL games are the fans in the crowd. Often, when looking in to the stands, you’ll see the same exact character wearing the same exact clothes. With the addition of over 9,000 crowd models, the fans will look more realistic and invested in the game than ever before.

Authentic Arenas: EA Sports wants to give gamers the realistic feeling of actually being at the game, therefore with the help of next-gens consoles, every detail of NHL arenas will be captured. This included all 19,000+ fans attending the game, unique arena elements, and player entrances/tunnel uses.

EA Sports has also teamed up with the folks over at NBC Sports Network, which introduces Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Ray Ferraro as the new commentary team.



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