Whats Next For John Tortorella?

It’s no longer breaking news, but John Tortorella is out as head coach in Vancouver. Yesterday the Vancouver Canucks fired him after only one season. Vancouver has had their share of dysfunction, but Torts was fuel on what is a smoldering fire.

There is no denying that Tortorella is a good coach, but his temper and his approach need work. Torts has coached 936 regular season games, and 89 Playoff games. He has been behind the bench for the better part of 15 NHL season, and has missed the Playoffs eight times; winning the Stanley Cup once in 2003-2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It’s not the coaching record, or the players around him that’s an issue its Tortorella himself. The man just can’t control himself. He wears out his welcome with alarming speed, and it doesn’t take long for players to get sick of him.

The NHL is full of young players, and young players need coaching; not someone screaming and talking at them. Torts, is not that guy. But, I don’t think his coaching career is over, at least not yet. Some team will give him a chance; after all he is a big name, and a captivating figure.

On the off-chance that the San Jose Sharks move on from Todd McLellan; Tortorella’s name will most likely come up. Another possibility is the Florida Panthers look into Tortorella, they just let go Interim Head Coach Peter Horachek.  I’m sure a few other teams will look into making a change; after all it’s easier to change coaches than it is to change players

No matter where John Tortorella ends up it may be his last chance to adapt his coaching style to today’s NHL. But, that’s his call, maybe he just want to vent. If that’s the case NHL Network , NBC Sports or TSN may come calling.


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