Florida Panthers Will Trade The 1st Overall Pick?

If you are the Florida Panthers you will do whatever it take to improve your club. This season the Panthers were among the worst teams in the NHL, and now they need help. Luckily for them they won the Draft Lottery.

The Panthers are in trouble, they can’t get fans to come to their games, and unless they find a way to start winning they won’t get free agents to come and play. Furthering their troubles the Panthers have a history of losing money. With all of that being sad, what do you do with that top pick? Well, you look into every option available, and that includes trading the pick.

In the NHL trading the top pick is almost taboo, but in this case it may make sense. The Panthers need talent, and they need more than one player; a trade would bring them talent and extra picks. There are teams that would love to make the jump to number one. Edmonton is one team that instantly comes to mind. They have a stock pile of forwards, but no one to sure up the blue-line; drafting Aaron Ekblad would do just that.

In an article found on The Hockey News, Panthers GM Dale Tallon has been quoted as saying “This class has no dominant name, but instead a group of four or five that promise to be very good NHLers.” Florida will most likely wait a while before doing anything, and they should. This is one of the few win-win situations in pro sports. The Panthers will start the 2014-2015 season in a much better place, at least on the ice.



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  • DBrenn24

    Is asking for Ebrle or Yakopav too much just to swap 1st for 3rd picks, or will we need to add a younger player?

    • http://toomanymenonthesite.com/ Patrick Helper

      I think if you have your eye on Ebrle and Yakopav you will need a strong to very good 20 some year old moving back to Edmonton, along with the swap of picks. If you can be happy with one or the other the pick may be enough.

      Hers the trade in my eyes: Edmonton moves up to #1, they send Yakopav and a 2nd to FLA, in return the Panthers drop to #3, and may need to send a 3rd to EDM as well. Florida has all the power, but in this Draft I think both team will look to make the deal as “even” as possible

      • Nathaniel

        Ahh, what? The Oilers should NOT make any trade for the first over all pick. They will be over paying no matter what they do. And besides, a center could be just as good for us as Ekblad, we have too many defensive prospects as it is (albeit none as good as Ekblad could be).