Matt Cooke: Playing On the Edge Earns Him a Suspension Hearing (GIF)

Life in the NHL can be good, unless you are a player who is known for playing on the edge. Matt Cooke has made a career doing just that, but it seems he may have fallen off the edge again. Cooke will have a face-to-face hearing with the NHL’s department of player safety for a knee to knee hit on Tyson Barrie.

Having Cooke on your roster is a blessing and a curse. He has the skills to help you on the score sheet, and the physical presence that make’s him a strong third line player. However, Cooke’s career is littered with missteps, and poor choices.

Matt Cooke

Cooke’s Suspension History

  • 2008-2009: Cooke was suspended a total of 4 games ( 2- two games suspensions)
  • 2010: Due to Cooke’s blind side hit on Boston Bruin  Marc Savard, the NHL created a new rule outlawing Blind Side Hits To The Head.
  • 20011: Cooke bad boy season. 4 games for a hit from behind, and 10 games plus the first rd. of the Playoffs for an elbow to the head.

This latest act, may undo all Cooke’s work to change his reputation. Proving that once you start living on the edge, you can’t stop. The NHL want’s to get these hits out of the game, but the only way to do that may be to get the players with a history of these hits out of the game.

After watching the GIF I think Cooke deserves to sit out the rest of the NHL Playoffs, but seeing as how the NHL has no record of constancy; I’d guess Cooke sits 5-7 games.

Cooke’s Career Scoring Numbers

  • Regular Season: GP 1017, G 163, A 225, PIM 1122
  • Playoffs: GP 100, G 13, A 21, PIM 135

*GIF created by @ZProphet_MMA


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