Ducks Win, But Ryan Getzlaf Was Injured

Last night the NHL Playoffs started, and the action was great. There was scoring and hits; everything we want from an NHL game. But, for the Anaheim Duck last night may be bitter-sweet. Ryan Getzlaf left the game after taking a puck to the face.


The injury came in the third period of the game; Getzlaf was hit by a Tyler Seguin slap shot. “The game was stopped immediately and Getzlaf left the ice. He was seen in the dressing room holding an ice pack to his face.” This is not the first time Getzlaf was injured during a Playoff series, in 2010 he suffered nasal sinus fractures.

At the time of publishing this post, the extent of the injury has not been released. A post suggests that Getzlaf did not suffer a broken jaw, but the x-rays have not been made public.

“Obviously it’s not a good situation,” linemate Corey Perry said. “Hopefully he’s all right. We’ll see what happens.

This may be the break the Dallas Stars need, you never want to see a player suffer an injury, but in the NHL Playoffs you take what you can get. There is a chance Getzlaf will be back on  the ice for game two, but if  I was in the Ducks front office I would sit him for at least a game, and make sure his head is clear. Chancing any further head injuries at this point of the Playoffs seems foolish to me.

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