Why The Dallas Stars Will/Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

As we approach the start of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, Too Many Men On The Site will be taking a look at each of the teams that have qualified. Included will be stats, record, and why they will and will not win the Stanley Cup. The final team is the Dallas Stars.

Dallas Stars: 8th in the Western Conference, 5th in the Central Division (40-30-11, 91 points)

Scoring Leaders

  1. Tyler Seguin, 37 G, 47 A, 84 points
  2. Jamie Benn, 34 G, 45 A, 79 points
  3. Alex Goligoski, 6 G, 36 A, 42 points

Why The Stars Will Win The Stanley Cup

The Dallas Stars fought to get the chance to win the Stanley Cup, and now it’s game time. If Dallas has a chance to win it all, it all falls on the shoulders of Kari Lehtonen. He has the ability to steal a few games, and keep the Stars in the game. Dallas is ranked 9th in goals scored with 2.84 goals a game. They have allowed 2.73 goals per game (17th). It’s not all bad news if Lehtonen has an off night the Stars have two reliable scorers in Seguin and Benn. Given the right amount of luck Dallas could be having a parade this summer.

Why The Stars Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

In all reality the Dallas Stars have very little chance of winning the cup this season. One major reason for this is Lindy Ruff. Ruff likes a defensive first game, and while in theory that sounds like a good playoff game; it relies heavily on having a very strong two-way hockey team. The Stars have 14 players with a minus. The Stars had to battle to get into the playoffs, and no one knows how much energy the Stars have left. It seems to me that the Stars are still a few years away from being a real threat to win the Stanley Cup.

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