Why The Montreal Canadiens Will/Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

As we approach the start of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, Too Many Men On The Site will be taking a look at the teams that have qualified. Included will be stats, record, and why they will and will not win the Stanley Cup. Next up are the Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens – 3rd in the East, 2nd in the Atlantic Division (98 points)

Scoring Leaders

  1. Max Pacioretty (39 G, 21 A, 60 points)
  2. P.K. Subban (10 G, 43 A, 53 points)
  3. David Desharnais (16 G, 36 A, 52 points)

Why The Canadiens Will Win The Stanley Cup

The Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup in 1993, and this season the Cup may make a return visit. Montreal has strong goaltending, and one of the best defensemen in the NHL in P.K. Subban. The Canadiens also have six players with 40 points or more, giving them a well-rounded offensive attack. The addition of Thomas Vanek was in part to hep the Canadiens get past the Boston Bruins, a task that will need to be accomplished if Montreal does want to bring the cup back to Canada.

Why The Canadiens Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

Pressure may be their hardest hurdle to get over.  Just making the playoffs is not good enough for the historic Canadiens franchise. Their fans expect the Stanley Cup, and anything short will be met with disdain. The Canadiesns may not have physical style of play needed to withstand the hard-hitting NHL playoffs. If a series is pushed to six or seven games I’m not sure that the Canadiens roster is will able to hold up for a cup run.

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