Why The Detroit Red Wings Will/Will Not Win The Stanley Cup

As we approach the start of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, Too Many Men On The Site will be taking a look at the teams that have qualified. Included will be stats, record, and why they will and will not win the Stanley Cup. Lets take a look at the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit Red Wings – 4th in the Atlantic Division 90 points *at the time of publishing Leading Scorers

  1. Daniel Alfredsson (18 G, 30 A, 48 P)
  2. Henrik Zetterberg (16 G, 32 A, 48 P)
  3. Niklas Kronwall (8 G, 40 A, 48 P)

Why They Will Win The Cup The Detroit Red Wings have been hobbling on one foot all season long with the injuries that continue to pop up and knock out their key players. Ken Holland has done an exceptional job in Detroit, players like Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, Danny Dekeyser, and numerous other young players have stepped in and even taken jobs from veteran players.

As Jimmy Howard continues to play well Jonas Gustavsson has given Detroit a solid number two goalie and with the almost certain spot in the playoffs, Detroit can feel free to start The Monster and give Jimmy a good rest going into the playoffs. Goaltending has been solid lately, and Howard stepped up in the playoffs last year. I expect nothing less this season.

The young players for Detroit play with speed and intensity that’s hard to match. Last season, the Grand Rapids Griffins won the Calder Cup in the AHL with 8 players that are currently on the Detroit Red Wings roster. The kids have been through it, not at the NHL level, but they have the chemistry, and they work their hearts out every play.

Veterans like Pavel Datsyuk are  still the core of the line up and with Datsyuk back from injury, it may take him a few games to get back to 100%, but he and players like Johan Franzen need to start firing it up and showing their worth.

Why They Will Not Win The Cup The Detroit Red Wings are as brittle as any other team in the league. They’re a stride away from a pulled groin every game, and they’ve been crippled for most of the season. Henrik Zetterberg and Jonathan Ericsson will both likely be out until the second round of the playoffs, and they’re both huge veteran pieces to the Wings. Detroit’s health will be an issue going into the playoffs.

The youth in Detroit has been in the playoff atmosphere after last season, and they know how to win, but the NHL is a much different story than the AHL. Gustav Nyquist has lit it up down the stretch, but can the Wings continue to rely on their youth into the playoffs? The young guys will have to match the intensity of either the Boston Bruins or the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round, and both are tough tasks for a team missing two key veteran pieces.

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