Zac Rinaldo Had Intent to Injure (Video, and GIF)

Last night the Philadelphia Flyers played the last place Buffalo Sabres. One player should not set skates on the ice again this season. Flyers forward Zac Rinaldo took a run at Buffalo Sabres defenseman Chad Ruhwedel, and it looks like he wanted to hurt him. There is no other explanation the hit.

It happened at 4:29 of the third period, with the Flyer comfortably in control of the game. In the video you can see that Rinalso turned his shoulders in to a head seeking missile. Taking aim at Rubwhedel’s head, and nothing else. You can watch the video from Pro Hockey Talk below.

For his despicable choice, Rinaldo will have a hearing with The Department of Player Safety today. There is no indication that this is a phone hearing, at least not on the NHL’s web site.  Hits like this by any player in the NHL are one of the main reasons the league finds it self in the cross-hairs of negative publicity.

Zac Rinaldo does have a history, this quote from USA Today gives some details of that history.

He was fined $5,000 for a late hit and a slew-footing infraction during a February 2012 game against the New Jersey Devils. Eight days later, he was suspended for two games for charging Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson.


Rinaldo’s history will most likely earn him an extra game onto what ever suspension he receives. As I said earlier he doesn’t deserve to play again this season, but the NHL is not likely do be that hard on him. I’d guess 4 games is all he gets. As for Ruhwedel, Ted Nolan said after the game he has a concussion.

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  • Joe

    He should get at least 10 games as this was worse than nething kaleta ever did

    • Patrick Helper

      He should, but I’ve heard it is going to be a phone hearing. No more than 5 games

  • davidmuscalo

    Evidently, player safety doesn’t agree, the only gave him a four-game suspension, but then, Ruhwedel, is a Buffalo Sabres player, isn’t he?

  • Rob Dotzler

    And Philly continues being the Kings of Scumbag’s. They all must be so proud. I’d hate to be a tenant at a nursing home in that city, defenseless and easily abused. The Sabres are presently a farm team in a big boy league, I guess you showed them Philly. The NHL? Your reputation continues to be an embarrassment. Keep up the good work, the dirty, needless hits continue to get feather duster slaps on the wrist. No wonder poker draws more viewers.