NYPD and NYFD Brawl On The Ice

The New York Police, and Fire Departments got together for a charity hockey game, but it was not just a game. These two teams have played each other for about 41 years, and it does get personal,  in fact it got physical.

Things would eventually cool off before the NYPD would claim an 8-5 victory and snap a five-game losing streak to the firefighters. [Yahoo]

The game was played yesterday afternoon at Nassau Coliseum, a venue that has seen it’s share of fights, but this was an all out brawl. The Yahoo Sports article says it took about 25 minutes just to clean up the gloves, sticks that cover the ice surface.

I understand that hockey is a physical game, but this was a charity event. I’m guessing there were more kids and family in the audience than for a NHL game. And tempers will flare up from time to time, but this can’t happen again. Both of these departments are hero’s and true role models, so I’m guessing they were not all t hat pleased with what happened.

At least it was all for a good cause, and the fans got their money worth.

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