Could The Boston Bruins Be For Sale Soon?

Could one of the original six NHL teams soon be on the market? Well, that all depends on what happens with an NFL team. Jeremy Jacobs has owned the Bruins for over fifty years, but his home town may need his help.

Jacobs is an East Aurora native, a suburb of Buffalo, NY, and currently his home town NFL team is in need of an owner that is willing to keep them in Buffalo.  I’m bringing this to your attention because the NFL by-laws prohibit any person or group for having ownership of another team in an NFL market. To simplify that, Jacobs cannot purchase the Bills if his family owns the Bruins.

Jacobs, of East Aurora, presides over a global hospitality and food service business that is one of the largest privately held companies in North America. He and his wife have six children; three sons and three daughters.

Jacobs’ ownership of the NHL’s Boston Bruins could prove to be a stumbling block, given that NFL rules bar teams from being owned by people who own franchises in other sports leagues unless that other team is located in the same city as the NFL franchise. [Buffalo News]

Jeremy Jacobs is the CEO of the Buffalo based Delaware North Companies, one of the world’s leading hospitality and food service companies. His net worth has been reported to be around $3.1 Billion, and making a choice between the Bills and Bruins may not seem as easy as one may think. There are a few choices here, first Jacobs could sell the B’s out right, and move on to the NFL, or second and what I believe is the most likely if Jacobs and his family are truly looking to buy the Bills. Jacobs could remove his sons, and any other family members from anything with a Bruins letter head on it; making it possible for his family, not him to buy the Bills. Thus keeping the Bruins to himself.

If you are still unsure what to make of this join the club, here is the link to the Buffalo New article that came out this morning. While nothing is officially in the work this story may be worth keeping an eye on. If you still think I’m nuts for suggesting this here is one more quote from the Buffalo New article.

In 2012 interviews with The News, the Jacobs family and a top aide appeared to send mixed signals.

“As long as the family has the ownership of the Bruins, they can’t own anything related to the Bills,” said Wendy Watkins, a Delaware North spokeswoman.

To which Jacobs’ son, Jeremy Jr., said: “That said, we will do what we can to ensure that the Bills stay in this town.”

Now, if I was a Bruins fan that would make me a bit uncomfortable.

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  • Thomas Eric

    Can’t his son buy the bills and his dad keep the bruins

  • Gamul

    As a life long Bruins and hockey fan, losing the Jacob’s would not be a bad thing. Things are going well for the Bs under Cam’s leadership, but long time fans know the Jacobs run the Bruins like a business first without regard to championships. If they win great but bottom line counts first. Sell the team to Cam or someone with a passion for hockey. Plus – the NHL would be better without Jacobs screwing up the negotiations every 10 years.

    • Patrick Helper

      Well Said, How has Jacobs been as an owner? Does he listen to the fans, is he open to comments, and the public, or does he just sit back and cut checks?

      • Dugsage

        Better lately, but for about 3 decades he was one of the most hated people in all of Boston.

        • Patrick Helper

          Why so hated? Was it team play, or how he dies business?

          • Gamul

            For years, they did not spend to win. They spent to make a profit. Naturally, they not only did not win, but it ultimately led to the team being in the basement most years. Even when they were some what successful they were fragile and lost in the first round when the competition got real.

            After hitting bottom – and most importantly to Jeremy Jacobs, after there was no profit because the fans left, Jeremy brought in his son, who seemed to actually want to win. He ultimately brought in Cam and together they have built a seriously competitive team. They do not go for flashy stars but have breadth and depth that they are truly a threat to win.

            I would prefer Jeremy either sell the team outright, or he drop out and leave the Bruins to his son while he moves on to the Bills. That would be best for the Bruins. Actually, come to think of it it would be best for the Patriots too because the Bills would probably not be a true threat with Jacobs in charge.