Meet The NHL Greats: Tim Horton

If I asked you who Miles Gilbert Horton was you would most likely have no clue, but if I put the name Tim in there it would click. Tim Horton is more than a coffee shop; he is one of the strongest players to skate on NHL ice. Horton played in the NHL for 22 years, and is regarded by some as one of the all-time greats.

Quotes VIA Tim Horton’s Bio

Bobby Hull:  “Few players brought more dedication or honor to the game. He was my idea of a pro.”

Gordie Howe: Called Tim Horton hockey’s strongest man.

Horton signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1949. He went on to play in 20 seasons with them (17 full and parts of 3 others). It was during his time with the Leafs that Horton built a reputation as one of the hardest working players in the NHL. Horton’s career took him on a trip to four different NHL teams; he also played for the New York rangers (1969-1971), Pittsburgh Penguins (1971-1972), and the Buffalo Sabres (1972-1974).

It was Horton’s former coach Punch Imlach that brought him to the Sabres. During my research I found several quotes from Imlach, but none stood out more than this one from Horton’s bio on “I know he was the backbone of our team in Buffalo”, said Imlach. “(His death) was a terrible loss, not only to his family and the team, but to the game of hockey.”

Tim Horton passed away on February 21, 1974. He was driving home from a Toronto, and flipped his car. For years the police denied that alcohol was involved, but in 2005 the autopsy report became public knowledge. It has since been reported that Horton’s BAC was two-time the legal limit at the time of the crash.  I was able to find photos of the report as well as the accident itself. Please keep in mind if you choose to view them they ARE medical reports, and go into great detail. The pictures are in pages 20 and beyond. Click here to view

Regardless of the reasons for the crash, Horton’s death left a big hole in many people lives. His legacy as a NHL player lives on to this day and his effort on the ice have not been forgotten.

Tim Horton Information

  • 1446 GP, 115 G, 403 A, 1611 PIM
  • 6 Time All-Star
  • 4 Stanley Cup Championships
  • 1977  Hockey HOF
  • 1982 Buffalo HOF
  • 1996 Sabres retire #2


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