Henrik Zetterberg Could Play In The Playoffs

The Detroit Red Wings are in a fight for their playoff lives, and if they can hold on they may get some much-needed help. If Detroit can make the playoffs for the 23rd straight year; they may get Henrik Zetterberg back in the lineup.

Zetterberg underwent back surgery on February 21st, and hasn’t been seen or heard from much. Yesterday he broke his silence. In an ESPN report Zetterberg was quoted as saying “I think the timeline is eight weeks without contact,” he said. “That’s what the doctors say and that’s what we’re going to stick with, and then we’ll re-evaluate after that.”

“This had to be done,” he said. “We went in, took away two pieces from my disk that were pushing on the nerve. Once this is healed and properly rehabbed, I shouldn’t have an issue again.” ESPN

Before being sidelined with a back injury; Zetterberg played in 45 games and had 48 points. The Red Wings captain would bring some more experience to the struggling Red Wings.

Eight weeks make a playoff return a long shot. The Red Wings would not only need to make the playoff, but they would need to extend the first round, or maybe make the second round. It sounds like this is just a pipe dream. I think the smarter play here is let Zetterberg sit out the rest of this season, and make a return to the Red Wings when he is 100% healthy. At 33 years old, there is still quality hockey left in his tank, as long as he remains healthy.

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