Mar 25, 2014; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Cam Atkinson (13) scores a goal as he crashes into the goal from a Detroit Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith (2) check during the third period at Nationwide Arena. Columbus beat Detroit 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Judgement Call: Cam Atkinson Goal

Cam Atkinson’s go-ahead goal in tonight’s Columbus Blue Jackets / Detroit Red Wings game was not without some controversy. Atkinson drove to the net to get at a rebound from a Matt Calvert shot. Atkinson poked the puck past goaltender Jimmy Horward, but before it could cross the line the net came off its moorings. Blue Jackets fans collectively held their breath as the Toronto War Room took a look at the play, and expected the worst.

Toronto offered up the following explanation, as they allowed the goal to stand:

At 6:58 of the third period in the Detroit Red Wings/Columbus Blue Jackets game, the NHL Situation Room initiated a review because the puck crossed the Red Wings goal line. The referee determined that the puck crossed the goal line and that Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith pushed Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson into the net causing the goal post to be dislodged.   -Courtesy of

Rule 63.6 allows the referee to allow a goal if the goal post is either deliberately or accidentally dislodged by a defending player prior to the puck crossing the line (as long as the net is dislodged after the player shoots).

There was some confusion regarding the rule on the NBC Broadcast, as they saw the net go off the moorings before the puck went in, but missed the fact Atkinson was pushed into the net causing it to go off its moorings.

As a Jackets fan, I cannot really offer up an unbiased opinion here. So I am interested in seeing what you guys think. Vote in the poll below, did Toronto make the right call?

Did Toronto Make the Right Call?

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