San Jose Sharks Show Some Love

Hockey players are a different kind of people. They hit, and punch, and skate for a living, but there are very few professional athletes with heart as big as NHL players. The San Jose NHL: New York Islanders at San Jose Sharks. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY SportsSharks deserve a big stick tap for what they did last night.

If you live in a hockey city; then you most likely have dreamed about skating with your team. That dream came true last night foe Sam Tageson. He has lived with hypoplastic left heart syndrome; a potential life threatening condition. Make-A-Wish with the help of the Sharks found a way to get Tageson on the ice with his favorite team. It’s nothing new for Make-A-Wish to help a person’s dream come true, but the Sharks took this to an entirely new level. Here is a little quote from Puck Daddy.

Where Tageson’s day with the Sharks becomes extraordinary was before their game against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night. Tageson became the first non-player in the history of the franchise to skate out through the massive smoking Shark head for pregame warm-ups, and stood with the team during the national anthem.

I took some time to watch the video, and I hope you do as well. This story is a great change from the normal suspension, or fight talk. It shows that the NHL and its teams do have a softer side, a side that cares about the fan base, and it’s great to see.

The Sharks and Tageson deserve all the stick taps they get, this story may fade away after a few hours, but you can change that. Share this story with any hockey fan you know. Cheers!



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