Quick Shifts NHL: Panthers Money Trouble, Bruins 10th, Vanek Finds The Net

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It’s been a long week so far, but here is Wednesday’s Quick Shifts. Today we will look at the Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins , and Thomas Vanek lights the lamp.

Florida Panthers Need Money [CBS Sports]

The Panthers are a financial mess, and they are looking for the tax payers to bail them out. The basic thought here is the Panthers cannot afford to stay in South Florida. Because relocating doesn’t seem to be on the table; yet. The current owner ship group is looking for Broward County to pay off  the debt on BB&T Center, along with about $80 million in tax breaks over a 14 year period.



This could spark the relocation rumor mill if the Panthers are unable to get what they want out of the county, but those commissioners holding out are doing right by the tax payers. Public funds to professional sports franchises so rarely work out for the benefit of the people effectively paying to keep the team where they are. CBS Sports

Simply put the Panthers may be skating on think ice.

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