The Original "SIX" Of The NHL

There are four major sports leagues in the United States (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL). In pro sports, there are very few terms that grab a fans attention. For the NHL; it’s the Original Six. The first six teams that got this great league started.

The Original Six is made up of the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and the Boston Bruins. Between them a total of 63 Stanley Cup championships have been won.

While these teams are known as the Original Six it should be pointed out that they were not the only six teams playing in the “Original Six” era. There were four other teams that came in and out of the NHL during that time. The Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Maroons, and the New York Americans all played alongside the Original Six teams at some point.

*The NHL expanded to include Detroit and Chicago in 1926-1927

Before being known as the NHL, the league was called the National Hockey Association. The name change came in 1917-19818. Just changing the name was not enough. Teams also changed their nicknames. Detroit was known as the Cougars and Falcons before keeping the Red Wings. Toronto was not always the Maple Leafs, that name was not used until 1927. Before that Toronto was known as the Arenas, and the St. Pats. Not to be out done the Chicago Blackhawks were the Black Hawk.

Stanley Cup Breakdown

  • Detroit Red Wings, 11
  • Chicago Blackhawks, 5
  • New York Rangers, 4
  • Toronto Maple Leafs, 13
  • Boston Bruins, 6
  • Montreal Canadiens, 24

To this day the Original six are some of the league’s top teams.

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