NHL Rumor: What's Next For Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller is on fire in St. Louis (5-0-1). But, that may not be his finally landing-place. The former Sabres goaltender seems intent on staying out West, but a few teams that may come calling.

The entire NHL know that Miller wanted to try to get closer to his wife, and if things fall into place he may end up in the same state as her. The Anaheim Ducks could make Miller an offer, but I think Miller would like to see a long-term deal with money up around the $7 million range. For the Ducks to attract Miller I believe they would need to talk him into a mid-range deal around 4 years, at a lot less than the $7 million.

There are a few other teams that may draw Millers interest. The Blues could make a run again next season, and keeping Miller in St. Louis could be easily done. St. Louis doesn’t allow a lot of shots on goal, and that could extend Miller’s career. Playing on a team that could be a playoff contender for years to come would be a refreshing change for the ex-Sabre.

FanNation has also mentioned that the Vancouver Canucks may also want to get into the Miller sweepstakes. I really can’t see Miller going to Vancouver. That would be like resigning with the Sabres. Currently the Canucks are a tire fire, and the addition of Miller is not going to put that out. If the Canucks could figure out a way to convince Miller to travel up North they could regain some respect, and it would be a big block in what may end up being a rebuild

Not that anyone asked me, but I think St. Louis is a perfect fit for Miller. I’m not saying that because he’s there, and playing lights out. I think the system they play is perfect for an aging net-minder. The Ducks are an interesting thought as well, but Like the FanNation article says they may not have the funds to land Ryan Miller.

We won’t know more until after this Season, but this story will have a happy ending for at least one person.

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