John Tortorella Is On The Hot Seat

John Tortorella is on the hot seat with the Vancouver Canucks. It was only a matter of time until the Canucks followed their coach into a state of chaos. Vancouver has circled the drain for a while now, and the free fall has not stopped. The Canucks did win last night, but that victory won’t take him of the hot seat.

Torts is a heck of a coach, but his “skills” diminish over time. He has a history of burning out his welcome, and ripping players apart. Sure, he won the Jack Adams award with the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2003-2004. He led the Lightning to a Stanly Cup championship that year. But, that  may be the only bright spot on Tortorella’s resume. His constant temper tantrums are going to be what people remember about him.

His overall record of 440-368-27-77 (.539) basically puts it in prospective. His is average, and an average coach cannot afford to keep acting like a baby. Torts was suspended for 15 days this season. He couldn’t keep his temper under control and tried to get into the Calgary Flames locker room. My question is what would he have done if he got in? There is a reason coaches wear a suit and tie. They are supposed to act like adults, and be a role model for their team. Tortorella is not doing that, in fact he is driving the Canucks right into disrepair. Yes his GM and Owner have not helped, but the coach will always take the fall.

Torts is not cut out for today’s NHL players. In the old days the players respected, and did what the head coach said; now the roles have flipped. The coach is really working for the players. They make more money, and the players are the reason fans pay big money to come watch the game. The game has become about making the players happy. That skill is something Torts has not yet mastered.

There will most likely be another job waiting for the hard-nosed coach, but I’m guessing his name alone will not carry him much longer. He needs to change his reputation, and reconsider his coaching style. The Canucks need to unload this guy before he does any more damage.

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